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Frequently Asked Questions

Why professional counseling?

People seek professional counseling for a variety of reasons—a crisis, a loss, a major life change, to sort things out, to have a happier life, to improve relationships, etc. Often, people seek out professional counseling if they feel they cannot fully deal with a life circumstance on their own, or they feel “stuck” in their previous attempts to address their issues. Only you can decide if you need professional therapy.

What kind of issues can I get help for at Heart and Mind Counseling?

The types of issues that can be addressed include improving your relationships, moving through grief, learning to manage mood and anger, improving the ways you deal with sexuality, reducing anxiety and stress, controlling addictive behaviors, conflict management, and cultivating resiliency.

Heart and Mind Counseling offers couples counseling, and a premarital counseling program is available for those who are preparing for marriage.

What does the counseling process look like (what can I expect)?

At the initial intake session, you and your counselor will focus on developing a positive working relationship. You will share with your counselor necessary background information about your issue(s), so that together you can clarify and agree on what you hope to achieve in the therapeutic process. The initial session also includes completing necessary paperwork.

Subsequent sessions will be used to explore issues in more depth and for identifying helpful strategies and options for positively addressing your issues. You may be encouraged to develop some new problem-solving skills, and you may be challenged to re-think some old thought patterns that aren’t working for you.

Is what I talk about in counseling kept private and confidential?

All of your conversations with your counselor are completely confidential, except when mandated otherwise by law. The limits of confidentiality will be thoroughly reviewed with you before counseling begins.

How many counseling sessions will I need?

The number of sessions depends on several factors, including but not limited to the goals for therapy, the severity of the issues encountered, and of course, your own motivation. While some people engage in long-term therapy, Heart and Mind Counseling embraces a short-term, solution-focused approach.

“Short-Term, Solution-Focused”

Heart-Mind Counseling exists to provide short-term solution-focused counseling (brief therapy) to individuals & couples, and to provide consultations relating to workplace issues to businesses and nonprofit organizations.

While some people may need long-term therapy, many benefit from a model that embraces and embodies a brief therapy approach characterized by helping the individual attain immediate clarity of their issue(s), identify their available internal and external resources for positively addressing their issues, and learning to take meaningful, measurable steps toward wellness and well-being.

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